a couple after earthquake disaster

Be prepared

Design and pack content of your backpack with Go-bag app and to keep it up to date. Have the most important things within reach. In case of a danger, just grab your go bag and shelter in a safer place.

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Mobile app

Have the complete information in your phone

Flexible Use

Reuse suggested products or create your own!

Free to Use

This app is free to download and use

Auto hints

Get statistics and notifications about your go-bag status

Bug out bag content by validity date

Helps you to prepare for unexpected...

It is advisiable to have enough food and drink water to survive first days after unexpected disaster.

  • But what to store?
  • How much?
  • How to keep the food useful for consumption?
  • Have you ever had to remove your food because the consumption date expired?

Install go-bag app and forget about these issues.

In safe place

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